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tv   U.S. Farm Report  NBC  March 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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higher yields. and johipps is back with customer support. nofoththheadadne decisilne supremcocot t not hear a cas t hear a caschallenging the wate of f e u-s rule , inot sig weweitmama aeesshe at mmity assit' en jt twekd already supreme court justicscalia's death is impactingarm policy. e susueme t t t willarasthe'plulu d t environmental protececon age t in place for the chesapeake bay eaeawar bluepr in 2010, the epa pupuhea l maxim daily load determining how many pnts,uc ogen, phosphoror aaye leased on a ils omhe stesomseheereded federal appeals court ruled laststyear the t-md-l l strictions rununand wastewater polltsrealidndacd within it's authorory. since e e supreme couris not taking the case, thadecision ll snd. meanwhe, scaa's
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ng-snding clasacti lauit. the company agring to pay 835 million dollars-- relatad to accusationsf pric xin polyurethaha.`the company making the decion to settleecause othe rerent passing of scalia...consided a ndmpanies tiac s. e enenental protecgency ysplto4t uf annsecticidedubyayer senceted for use over 200 crop mostly on fruit trtr but it's also se son an ttie eounced tuesday it's intento cancel e lilinse foflendiide. the e ency asked bayer to voluntarily stst selling the ctbue coanjected reque. rm oups ara praraing the senateag cmitthis weekft ssi that creates a tional-mabg standardthe senate ag committee passed legislati day thatld create on fra f t tlabe oo-o-gineeredprodtsthe bill received support from all eleven reicanbersndee
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the measure reachs the senefloor. starting this week the fda a ll nlo ictcatfh,halcomed bytfh prs. insadadais will have the j. . march first,sis wi stats 181 montnttransitional pio the service ll monitor bh domestic forei catfish the change was put in place as papa of the 2008 f fbill and beeteonediqsusufor lawmakers ever since. alright,h-t' for news...its n timim check back in with meteorologist mike ffman. mike, i i heang fro several of our friends in the south atatat they're aeady starng tplant. thanks, tyne.e.yeah, i'm surelantntg g under ugh have theeeeeng th the souern plaire here are going o have to put a st to for a while, becae t t r rhas becaus is b th. l/l/latat happens. our computede shows that it cuts of for two to thr`e dada that could put down a lot of raiin texasas other parts of the s/stherains before it finatracks off too the nortrtast. now the head of thattorm`mystetete goingo
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check out the 30 day outlook for temperaturi'm going above n'rmal fheboveier states from e e d-atla t w england, the great lakeses northernrnlains, into the nortrtest, below norl for the southern plalas part d d parts of four corner regi, southern portion anyway. 30 day oututok for precipitition: above normal fofo f thlowe48e e ing to see multiple storm stems comihroughhesoutrnind adtordthe northeast. t tnlyybelow rmal area is montana the wawait lks r rig now. ty than smuikell,s s stanre in frofhe missssppriver heren uisia ju dowom t port, itfitting we talk abt mand.das coroyan,rgeat fafas gaer atomditytyssicacarlegigiatatrities change, but one thg thattays the same... ying to gene moree de t's farm urnal rertweatown w)whch commodidi oanization's e-e-, and from untapped
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sokeisn'n'alon consesutive yes of sobering grain ananoilsd prices some farararpari f/f the rs acan soybea associtation c-e-e stephenkyands t mestmothat why his focuss onon safety nets and dema.
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challenges, cey china, rerelati teir val ofofhny ucuc, s s en joale e a majort mitation for the. cornrnindustryry there's'seen a lot disionhtt chchs ofand quit buying. i think the mbers don'n'suppt that a beenuge bur of sorghum ain this year. when you look at shipnts to date a few w eks heormmmmyclsiur actual ships are actuly 23 percenabove a year ago levels. . > wlet corre that china isisti buyingngnge latea numbers show ousususing sales to c c e more tha pcrnt behin la year. m mnwhileone ofevery four rowowof soybeanango to the lar asi customer, a marketensky dodot see backing off.
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brazil will surpass the united states, just because they have the availablndrea,yhave lotf f ea iei surrototarea of brazil, e nterest and nohern arere wherthey can expand protuction, so think w wcocod see thatr meth's whya king into untapped markets, like india. they`have apopulationha'ts going to exceed china ithe xt 5 t10s. and they are waing mroe men a t nd tt dodoat proulty and eat eggs. so there's a t of oppoturnity for growth
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emely sutiti of p. particular fact thth 50 percent of u.s. wheaisnolyor all thecountries, particulariri when you talkapan, korea, t t philippines are e philippines are big customers of u.u. wheat f fmer. atd rticularlyparticularlylyhey're qua custom. re a ahome,@itrenenenee els fowhwhh orgazaonare holding out hope, sang domestic demand stl ha't max out. ave we t a plat the ansnsisceaiaino sorghroducers think renewablfuels one of their greatest avenues for le sumpling gerole in domeicicthan dememd right w. mostsplants from kaas souou are e0 to00 percrct sorghum. mt hem arclosto 1ernt sorghum. it's certainly a viable part oour commodity and our indudury. > uss also hng incrme dd, wh the new biofuel@l@ant program. ititelps provide fundingngor
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k,t's jorportity r rn g we know therisoom m d opporuruity r higher rndndofhanol abe and d yoyo the 10 enblend th are incopred ilineoday menastthwe nd to art arache globefor neetl inte. and fosorghum producerethaha uld corocoieke china anmexico < wlook at xico and theremendndnd portuny as an octane sourceto clean up the e r ththe. ceainly china la sumumr we continuepeo see the smognd the reals whathe at e pro t that country.> f farmers like lakey,he demand cture is ill being made for the year,r,but hop thels c pul aheaea providing me e pe o oa ofitable year. meanwhile, the waasation says th are having trouble tting vecle manuurto eve ke flex ehicles. tt' they'vch aew campaignalfly ce
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come back, johphps re-joins me.
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omer spo customer sport, we're gettingalot more sponses from viewers via twitter. i know, and the od thing about that is tt s onlyly40 cract so iit have t trece it downwnwnsomethinwe can g on the screen. - i got this tweet om mr. kenbeer tyte guestndths sa know yourucoststf prodwh marting. 't they ratelow st. gehigh ic ourebsycorr tblem facingoducdodoevn nl these simple rules. the are o separate tasks invnvved. i
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the e therbvious counselelo reduce productctn costs.ha ona ntntoal l pritab fng. . int e threason ournalys are stssg these two fundamentals is becau it't'been a while since we haven't had mh if any ovovlap betwn costs anpr. rueue projected below production costs s virtually l fas isr.r.n fa medfill with articles aboutut how to farto minimize losses - nonomamize profitsis leimcts etinby if thing elseing some urgency totoaying more attentionon knkning yot production at least in dollars per acrerevestst in tht crop esishes benchmark touide marketing decisions.t's hard to selelfor litt or no profi buif you've do t t howo and know w ere prices are reretive to breakeven, you etable to actual kealalh e co o
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caulatatapproximately at the financial l sult will be. in arwhen promargs ar rgerslopop mketing h hits still cost youbut lower profits ararnot near are n the teial reat that rgerosses e. i mis eit-ar cn 2012, for a!ple, and still hadretty gogo profits. but t i miss llr cornhis ye, the consququces are coidably moreaming.g.g. sure, concentrating prices alone may lp you selosero theutn n w orpr year w all tel can get totoeefrom freezg up and simply hoping for a miraclving real nus calthskc#entrat our attentntn if nothing else. tha you mh, john. a if morete
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elcome bac wre here from new orleans. clinton
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,, absolutete, absolutely, you know this town has se a lot of rebuilding ovasdede -chles uspso lea cyate thk.m falyvill ama, who s tranantioned from life in in alabama. water, so essentialalo life ana a c lifend a catysbubbling beneneh thth@hriver rancnc ory. a s an elentbe a dee'succe. it's
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loved sehiowndndleniboow ts gr and how to produce food you can ea that's wherit cam from."todadaheeris locad in alivillll alba. e family p the family pces ain,ca tbebe at 10-thousanacres, it includes the laest field east o othe mississippi lta. t ts s cation wasn always home. dee' parentntonce owned land ar tampa but 'water' forgeded ffert fufu for anniegegerationonthe state ofofda saw the water holding capacity in the ranchche d north of tampa. and thehedecid) edt.">1 1 de searared from the calinas texas for a new proper eventual leading them here.
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black b to the black belt brouout frh challangng-`inclcling adjustinin to heavy-clay soil whetherts cover s,till osomeew rigation techniques, where you start in a small area you can see if it's going to pay and work for you. and it doesn't then yoy fure e t how toadjuju it and go back and make it work,"> even e best soil practices need water- and the irtion was srssialama reivajityof its rainfall dudung the wintererhe deeearched d built a rerervoir to store a a pture rainwater. water, , ey thenense during g e g2ingseas. befoha sy, w wjungndfur nd
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more e eow iep we couet b a real dry seasoo we camupwith compromisof ainfin thr d ove2/ e area at > , ey develumpisystem wchchov wer through unrgrod pi sorsnitong smoisture and tee e inteteatti e ts a k weach pipit nes in psse an lume
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r. wmeack.l phps illin ts ek rit hen uisian yes, we're oftotooueast losiana for a classic high crop. this farmall super mta is e of a kind and buddy banks is proud to have this one ihis llecon 195sur mta gh crop, o64 thahawe errodu ever produce and this the next to the last one me. the fit one des inthe,hio o d th e mas unvie,alama.bay the's
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grey wkikigotterestedthhighrop to whe startederinbeey wa lileleore unique they'relittle more -- you know, aot tcarocalirnndflida soh siana.inhe sugar c y isainlere th wereseheheldctorif you fone in goosheit aity becath lid pret harfeingin mor iemuand throh ain dalththday's couny urchsalute goes is from rit here ewrleans too. one of theciti' most n lks 'shennstiscathl,ba t1727, making ione of the oldest edrals in the unitedta fina aifuldm ght in @ll, if y wantoend you trchch se,ou c that righhere on dres tcr wstay
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mild winter mild winter weather has helpedfor easy grain movemthar. bsayhe's mong cort storage to a lolol hanol anwhich willoned rewle fuel and feed. and john recently you g actually moved some corn, but it was because of so mu snow. right - but you have to be carel onhe rds. people .heresn;t alot money fixing them soe rerally careful when you're out there on
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ure of h son plang ithe mu.. ifeayin south daand check out shirt, whi is short slve so that'll tell yohow mild i is. it says "my dad feeds your " la weewerea picturve your tracto school day for ffa wk. peter ses th picf his son eli,'s othe r righeir ffa chter r minsota so hosted a tractor day, and look at the rnou a good mixof cols hekgrod -haededgree a ltle bit older, newer. fund day - ivyour tractor to scho d@you er dve your tracto to school? or you walk up hill both ways? no we sere still using mules back then. we want picre ca tonbook it ou waysendat tusy email.llf ust u.s.arm report thank youso much for watching and joining us rightere in new orleans this week. be sure to join us nexteeas we work to ild onoutrit ha great en every
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vehicle of u.s. farmeport.> farm report pduced and
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gettingos. esential f-rrs ld trumpndry c pio tigenhe grip onn & eir party's nominations day, as voters in five stas head to e polls. ump's opponen vinghey y ll stopm, w t dededeaticde, hil clis lea o or bernie sasaer deste tanl thatties tag hecamp. i'm happy that everyrydy n pseeee cooperangnd ggio w lhe c trl. > n nt afeasouou on t grounds of o.o.simpson's rmer eatelodes into the headadnes. >> what has b smitted too our lab. thth a gng to sdy it. could i be the mde weapon ins oe mpsonn gdm orr just another sideshow me than 20 yea later?


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